Vision & Values



Cross focused

We exist to live in a gospel-centered way.  We believe that the gospel is not only the means to be born again but a way of living.  That means that all areas of life (sex, money, power, relationships, citizenship, spirituality) should be aligned with the truth of the gospel.

Community driven

We desire to be authentic in who we are and in our relationships because we believe that the gospel brings out both honesty and humility in people. It is through community life that we can both experience the gospel as well as showcase it for those who do not understand it.  In other words, community affirms our faith when our faith or rationality fails us.

City Positive

We exist to love and renew the city.  When God created the world, he gave Adam and Eve the mandate to be fruitful, multiply and exercise dominion over creation. What God intended was that they would build a God-honoring civilization with the use of the resources available to them.  Since Adam failed in doing so, God sent Jesus, the true and better Adam, to accomplish the initial task that belonged to the first Adam.  In the last two chapters of the Bible we see that history ends with a God-honoring city. In the meantime, we believe that Jesus is using the church to redeem culture. Therefore, the church should be about cities.  If the city is captured by the gospel its culture will be transformed.

Catalytic to a movement 

We desire to birth a movement of churches with the same DNA to renew Miami, and subsequently, the world. Our goal is not to become a great mega-church. Our goal is to make Miami a great city.  For this reason, we believe that no particular church will accomplish this task. Only a movement will.