Our Vision | 2018

Be one. Make one. 


Right before Christ ascended, He gave His disciples a mission to make disciples of every nation. A command that didn’t only apply to the eleven that were with Him, but to every Christian. Notice, Christ didn’t say to go and find disciples, He said to go and make them.

In reality this is what we’ve been called to. To be able to live out the gospel in our own lives and reproduce the words and ways of Jesus in the lives of others. Jesus said that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few, so here’s the challenge for us in 2019 : 

Firstly, apply the gospel to yourself and work it out with someone else so that our city would be a different place. Secondly, commit yourself to walk along side one person in your network(s), loving them and showing them how you’ve experienced the love of Jesus in your own life. Finally, connect them with the wider community of our movement as we seek the renewal of our city through the power of the gospel. Remember that you are a disciple. Be one. Make one. 

Samuel Miranda
Campus Pastor